• Wilhauk Beef Jerky

    INM was pleased to create this stunning website for Wilhauk Beef Jerky – known as the home of Alberta’s Best Beef Jerky.

    This Leduc operation is a family business with nearly 50 years experience in meat processing. They started making their mouth-watering jerky in the mid-80s and it quickly became their best-selling product. Like INM, Wilhauk Beef Jerky is proud of its small city roots and proud to be making its mark and becoming known all across the province.

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  • Marriage Commissioner Shaughan Whalen

    Shaughan Whalen is thrilled to work with couples as they plan the best day of their lives together.

    She wanted her website to be professional, classy and elegant like the weddings she performs. She also wanted an online booking form to make things as easy as possible for potentially stressed-out brides.

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  • Leduc Co-op

    Leduc Co-op has a number of locations and several different types of products and services that they sell. Their website had to have enough pages to convey information and photos about all of the things they do and sell without confusing website visitors.

    The site also needed to provide information about Co-op membership and links to their weekly flyer.

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  • BMS BootCamps

    For INM, the biggest challenge of the BMS Bootcamps website was creating an online registration system that would accommodate all of the available class options and allow clients to pay online. BMS’ trainers also wanted a message board they could use to keep their students informed of class changes and other important information, as well as a blog system where they can talk directly to their students about nutrition, fitness and related topics.

    The overall look of this website really echoes the mindset and philosophy of the trainers – clean, bold and confident.

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  • Fort McMurray Victim Services Unit

    The mandate of any victim services unit is to provide information, support and resources to victims of tragedy and crime within a particular district.

    Fort McMurray Victim Services Unit serves a large area and an extremely diverse population so they needed a website with plenty of page and specific information that would apply to many different scenarios. As well, they wanted a calendar to keep people up to date on the various events they are associated with throughout the year.

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  • Road Badger

    Road Badger is a unique machine that has the potential to save amazing amounts of time and money for municipalities, oil companies, construction companies and anyone else who is in the business of building and maintaining oiled, gravelled or cold-mix roads.

    This little machine delivers larger-than-life results and their website had to reflect that, with big pictures, bold text, compelling videos and lots of pages of information.

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  • Cardium Victim Services

    Industrial NetMedia is committed to giving back to the community. One of the ways we do that is by offering a 20% discount on website design, Internet Marketing and other services for non-profit and charitable organizations like Cardium Region Victim Services.

    Cardium wanted a fairly simple website to provide necessary information to victims looking for assistance. They also wanted to reach out to community members interested in volunteering with Victim Services and provide a point of contact for them, as well.


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  • Belize Dreams

    Belize North American Property Consulting specializes in vacation and retirement properties in Belize, a tiny Central American country tucked between Mexico, Guatemala and the Caribbean Sea.

    BNA needed a website that would sell the dream of living on a beach in a tropical climate, something most of us have thought about in the midst of a cold Canadian winter. INM designed the website around images of crystal clear ocean water, sandy beaches and rain forest scenes, to draw visitors in and evoke that feeling of paradise within your reach.

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  • Bengel Homes

    INM is committed to supporting small business owners by creating websites that look amazing, attract plenty of visitors and turn those visitors into customers.

    Bengel Homes is a home building company with completed projects in Leduc, Edmonton, Beaumont, Devon and Calmar. They specialize in custom designs that transform dreams into dream homes reflecting the unique character, personality and lifestyle of their owners.

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  • Apollo Spas

    Many of our clients are small businesses, but INM also caters to larger companies requiring websites with 20 or more pages. Apollo Spas is a huge corporation that manufactures and sells hot tubs, saunas, steam showers, walk-in bathtubs and massage chairs in locations around the world. The company also partners with Arctic Spas, an Edmonton company well-known for the quality of their hot tubs, swim spas and gazebos.

    INM was assigned the task of designing a website for the Washington State branch of Apollo Spas, which has eight stores throughout Washington and Idaho. The website ended up being around 200 pages, including pages for every model of every product they sell, information articles and an online store.

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  • Dazzle by Dawn

    Industrial NetMedia creates websites that are user friendly and easy to navigate. Visitors to your site should be able to find the information they need without much effort.

    Dazzle by Dawn is a decorating and event rentals company that specializes in weddings, anniversaries and other big life events. The website is designed to ‘dazzle’ potential clients with photos of the beautiful settings Dawn has created for past events.

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  • Silver Springs

    INM loves working with small business owners like the Silver Springs sales consultants. They wanted their website to convey the beauty of the area and the community they are building at Silver Springs. This was accomplished by using the natural colours of the sky, water and trees in their pictures as a colour scheme for the rest of the website.

    The website also had to include information about pricing, available lots and the benefits of buying these properties, for both retirees and those looking for a vacation home.

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  • Stageworks Theatre

    This website was designed to keep Stageworks’ parents up to date on the latest information and happenings. It was also intended to attract new clients who are interested in signing their children up for local dance and theatre classes.

    The website includes updatable class schedules, notices about upcoming performances and information about Stageworks’ volunteering and fundraising programs.


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  • The New Vineyards

    The Vineyards caters to Canadian Snowbirds – retirees and others looking for a permanent vacation spot down south. Their website needed to have lots of pictures of the resort, the golf course and all the available amenities. The ended up with two photo galleries and a rotator on the home page featuring large images that show off the best of the resort.

    The website also contains information on available properties and how to buy them, as well as plenty of testimonials from happy owners and travel tips for those heading south for the first time.


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  • Seasonal Impact Group Inc.

    Industrial NetMedia is always looking for new and innovative ways to present our client’s information on their website. With Seasonal Impact Group, the challenge was to take a large company with several service areas and keep their website simple so visitors could easily access whatever information they were looking for.

    For Seasonal Impact’s fleet of rental equipment, we created an expandable list, accordion style, where visitors can click to reveal more detailed information about individual pieces of equipment.

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  • Springer Valves

    Industrial NetMedia is proud to work with small businesses and local entrepreneurs whose success proves that, if you have the passion and the drive, you can accomplish anything. Springer Valves is an entire company based on one tiny component that vastly improves the safety and reliability of valves used in the oilfield and other idustries. They developed this component right here in Leduc and now sell it to clients all over North America.

    Springer Valves’ website is fairly simple, mainly outlining the various applications for their spring return safety valve.

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  • Cast Perfect

    Cast Perfect was looking for a straightforward, corporate-style website to show off their amazing, innovative new product.

    Thanks to the exposure they are gaining from their brand new website, Cast Perfect's non-destructible, rust proof, weather proof power pedestals are already a big hit among building owners and property developers.

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  • Alberta Dairy Congress

    Alberta Dairy Congress is an agricultural conference that runs for several days every spring at the Leduc Recreation Centre. It features dairy shows, dairy sales, interactive demonstrations, information and school tours.

    The congress website was designed to be attractive and informative to appeal to a wide range of people both in the ag industry and among the general public.

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  • SilverTip Oilfield Hauling Inc.


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  • Bear Scare


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  • R.I.D.E. Inc.


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