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Print ads

Wouldn't it be nice to have a button on your desk that you could push any time you needed to bring in new customers?

Industrial NetMedia can help you generate print ads that consistently produce qualified leads. When you choose Industrial NetMedia to design your ads, you tap into years of industry experience. That experience works to help you create a customer-generating mechanism you can access any time you need more customers.


Industrial NetMedia creates promotional and informational booklets. Booklets make an excellent marketing tool because they are extremely versatile.

There are plenty of ways to market your business using booklets:

  • Hand them out at events or tradeshows
  • Leave a stack in your store or office
  • Send them through the mail to qualified businesses or residents
  • Use as a teaser package to book a sales appointment
  • Leave them at complementary businesses where your customers are likely to visit
  • Make a PDF copy available on your website for downloading

Corporate Branding

With a fully equipped graphic design studio, and a team of business advertising specialists, our branding service helps you create a corporate identity that will stand the test of time.

Our corporate branding service is affordable, even for businesses with limited budgets. A large percentage of our corporate branding clients are small businesses with fixed advertising budgets.

How does it work?

Our branding program has two main components:

  1. First we meet with you for a marketing brainstorming session during which:
    • We answer your questions have about sales and marketing.
    • We review your existing marketing materials, such as brochures, business cards and ads, and suggest improvements you can make to increase your response rate.
    • We help you develop short and/or long-term advertising plans.
  2. Then we create an assortment of marketing materials based on your business needs. Marketing materials include business cards, letterheads, brochures, flyers, posters, signs and direct mailers.

When every part of your company presents a strong, unified message to your customers, you create an atmosphere of trust that encourages life-long business relationships.


At Industrial NetMedia, we start with your goals – What do you want your brochure to accomplish?

Brochures can educate potential customers about who you are and what you sell. They can upsell additional products and services to existing customers. Brochures can also help build customer loyalty and encourage repeat visits.

We develop the layout, graphics and content around your end goals - the action you want each reader to take.

The result is a powerful brochure that encourages customers to take the action you want them to take. A brochure is tool, designed to help your business succeed.

Business Cards

Business Cards

Your prospects are handed hundreds of business cards a year. INM designs business cards that stand out from the competition. Our business cards:

  • Are high quality
  • Convey a professional image to your clients
  • Set you apart from your competition

Industrial NetMedia business cards are designed by a professional graphic designer, in collaboration with our business advertising specialist.

We offer significantly reduced rates on business cards purchased as part of a Corporate Branding Package.


Create a great looking company calendar that your customers will proudly post in their home or office.

We have access to many databases and image libraries containing countless numbers of high quality images that will give your calendar an impressive look and feel that is lacking in so many promotional calendars that never make it onto the wall.

Your calendar won't only look great, it will also feature images that actually relate to your product or service. Images that make your customers think of you every time they look at it.

Having a calendar in your customers' homes and offices helps reinforce your brand and create customer loyalty. A calendar is also a highly visible, cost-effective form of advertising that will be posted for at least a year and viewed by the friends, family and clients of everyone who displays it.

Product Catalogues

Give your customers a new way to buy from you. Industrial NetMedia designs online and mail-out catalogues that can help your business reach new customers.

Mail-Order Catalogue

A mail out catalogue doesn't have to be large and expensive. In fact, some of the most effective catalogues are printed on just three or four pieces of paper.

If you are interested in mailing catalogues to your current customer database, or to people who have never done business with you before, we can help you discover the most economical way to print and mail your catalogue.

Industrial NetMedia employs trained business advertising specialists that will make sure your catalogue gets results. And our graphic design department will ensure that it looks great.

Online Catalogue

Are you thinking about selling products online? We have all of the tools to help you succeed!

Industrial NetMedia will help you create, organize, and upload product descriptions, manage an online shopping cart system, process secure payments online, update products and product descriptions, track orders, manage shipping, and more.

What's Included?

Graphic Design – An online store that looks great will always outsell a less attractive one. Our graphic designers will ensure your store looks great!

Professional Copywriting – Customers don't always understand the benefits of what you are offering. Our copywriters ensure the benefits of your products are clearly communicated to your customers.

Internet Marketing – Our Internet Marketing specialists will make sure the major search engines are sending you qualified customers.

Always Online – Industrial NetMedia offers secure website servers that are guaranteed to have 99.9% serve uptime.

Direct Mailers

Direct mail postal rates are more accessible than ever for small businesses.

A direct mailer is a sales package sent to a specific group of people, designed to elicit a specific response (call, place an order, visit business).

The great thing about direct mail is, it's repeatable.This means that if you receive a 5% response rate the first time, you can be pretty sure that each subsequent mail out of 1,000 direct mailers will result in 50 leads.

Industrial NetMedia's direct mailers are created by professional advertising writers and professional graphic designers. Our direct mailers not only look great, every word is carefully selected to maximize your response rate.

We know how to write headlines that capture attention. We will write your sales message in such a way that potential clients will read it from start to finish. And we will use appealing graphics that add interest and excitement, reinforce your message and really show off your products or services.

Door Stickers

We design stickers for glass doors or windows. Stickers allow you to make use of empty space, while not blocking the view!

Place your company logo prominently in your window to increase your businesses exposure.

Your doors and windows are wide-open spaces, free for you to use for advertising. We can help you use this space to attract new customers.


When some people think of flyers they immediately think of the gifts people leave on their windshield while they are shopping. However, there are dozens of flyer marketing tactics that are less invasive. We have listed just a few below:

In-Store Handouts

Announce new products, sales, and upcoming events by placing a stack of flyers in a prominent location in your business.

Post flyers up around your business to keep your customers informed.

Tradeshow Handouts

At tradeshows people want something they can take with them to read over later. Flyers easily fold up, or fit into a briefcase or notebook.

We'll help you design a professional looking flyer that has your most important sales points presented in a clear fashion.

Direct Mailers

Kick-start your next event or sale by sending a flyer to surrounding postal codes. Nothing fills up your store like a big announcement to the people who live near your business. Let us help you create a direct mail flyer that will draw a crowd. We employ advertising specialists and graphic designers who will work together on your mailer to create a product that will be read and acted on.

Bulletin Board Post-Ups

Perhaps the most effective marketing method for small businesses with limited advertising budgets is bulletin board marketing.

A professionally designed flyer stands out and gets noticed. We design flyers that stand out from the crowd.

Company Logo Design

We create original corporate logo designs. Just give us some general information about what you want and your colour preferences and we'll design a sheet of samples for you to choose from.

We'll create a sample sheet of logo designs based on information you provide during the consultation. Once you pick the one you like best, we will customize the size, color, positioning and other elements to make it perfect.


Draw extra traffic off the street using a strategically placed promotional poster. Upsell new products and services to your customers by placing promotional posters inside your business.

There are literally dozens, if not hundreds, of ways to use posters and signs to funnel customers into your business.

Advertising experts agree that many businesses have inadequate marketing in front of their place of business. They allow customers to walk right by without ever knowing what they sell or how they can help them.

In addition to being a great way to funnel people into your store from off the street, posters can be strategically placed around your business to:

  • Upsell new products and services
  • Announce upcoming events and sales
  • Reinforce your corporate message
  • Draw attention to products that have a larger profit margin.

Presentation Folders

Presentation folders help raise your business above the competition when submitting bids and proposals.

Deliver your next bid or proposal in style with a professional presentation folder containing your company name and logo.

Presentation folders also make great sales aids. They allow your sales team to organize all of their sales materials into an easy-to-carry folder that is inexpensive enough to leave with the prospect, if necessary.


Industrial NetMedia designs professional letterheads that can double or triple the effectiveness of any mail you send out.

Letters with professionally designed letterheads are read more often than plain pieces of paper. They are also seen as more authoritative and trustworthy. A letterhead shows that your business is serious.

If your business uses the mail on a regular basis, a professional company letterhead is an investment that will pay for itself many times over.

A well-designed company letterhead is a small change that could have a big impact on your sales.

Your Company Logo - On Anything!

Industrial NetMedia can put your company logo on almost anything – pens, cups, calendars, binders, you name, we can brand it!


Promotional items branded with your company information make great gifts for your loyal customers. Give away branded pens, clothing, refrigerator magnets, calendars and other items your customers will appreciate.

Branded Merchandise

Your loyal customers may actually pay for items branded with your company information. Well-branded companies often sell branded clothing, accessories (purses, briefcases), stickers and other items that customers will buy and show off to their friends and family.

Office/Store Decorations

Give your office or store a professional look and feel by putting your company logo on walls, chairs, cash registers, display racks or anywhere else you can think. Strategically placing your company logo around your office or store helps customers recognize - and remember - your company.

Managed Marketing Campaign

Industrial NetMedia offers a full range of strategies to connect you with new customers. With our Managed Marketing Campaigns, you set the budget and we deliver the results.

Include some or all of the following in your campaign:

Website Design or Redesign

Your other marketing materials (posters, radio ads, newspaper ads) will likely direct people to your website. This means your most qualified prospects are going to visit your websites. Your website should be set up to turn as many of those visitors into customers as possible. Our website redesign program gets your website revved up to handle the upcoming surge of traffic.

If you don't have a website, we can create one that is custom-designed around your business goals and what you want people to do when they visit your site.

Marketing Plan

We'll research your industry and help you discover a marketing strategy that will consistently bring in sales that exceed your investment and grow your business.

We are experienced in working with a number of marketing mediums, including tradeshow marketing, online marketing, viral marketing, press release writing and dozens of other tactics to get your business in front of potential customers.

Review of Potential Advertising Mediums

Once you decide how you want to advertise, you'll have to choose the right advertising suppliers. We will help you find, negotiate and work with leading suppliers of advertising materials.

Corporate Rebranding

Our graphic designers create corporate logos, letterheads, business cards and other designs that help you portray a consistent image to your customers. If you want your business to have a consistent, modern feel, call us to ask about our corporate rebranding programs.

Internet Marketing Plan

All businesses should spend at least a few hours on Internet Marketing. Making the time to market your website is critical, yet many business owners skip this step completely.

It is important to ensure that all of the major search engines have you listed properly, that customers are being directed appropriately from your homepage and that you satisfy Google's minimum requirements to come up high in the search results.

Marketing Materials

Brochures, Signs, Posters, Promotional Videos, Tradeshow Materials and more! Industrial NetMedia can produce any type of marketing materials you could imagine. We produce in-house designs in any format and can negotiate premium rates on any materials you need.

Our graphic designers work with in-house advertising specialists to produce marketing materials that look good and get results.

Sales Aids

Give your sales team a powerful new weapon to help them close their sales. Are you hearing the same objections over and over again? Overcome them with our dynamic sales aids.

We offer dozens of sales generating products your salespeople can use during tradeshows and sales presentations including:

  • Graphic Designed Flyers
  • Graphic Designed Booklets
  • CD-ROM Demonstrations
  • Power Point Presentations
  • Promotional Videos
  • Presentation Folders
  • Graphic Designed Brochures

If price is a frequent point of objection, respond with a brochure, video or booklet that shows your prospect how much they can save by doing business with you.

If you're having difficulty establishing yourself as an authority in a competitive industry, set yourself above your competition with a presentation folder of testimonials and letters of reference from your largest clients.

Demonstrate complicated technical products using a CD-ROM or Power Point demonstration or set up a promotional video to show the product in action.

Video Production

Industrial NetMedia has the tools, knowledge and experience to make professional quality videos for any purpose. Videos can be overlayed with professional narration, captions, titles and music. We can also deliver your video in any format - CD-ROM, DVD, VHS or digitally over the Internet.

In addition, we provide the following video services:

Video Editing

We can take an existing video and add sounds, music, text, graphics or anything else you need.

DVD/CD Duplication

Need extra copies of an existing video? We can get you as many copies as you need at a competitive price.

Video Presentations

We specialize in technical videos for industrial customers. We have worked with many clients to design highly technical presentations.

Video Advertisements

Perfect for trade show handouts! As a marketing company that specializes in video production, we produce highly effective advertisements that can be used for any purpose. Whether you have an upcoming television ad or want to close the deal with qualified prospects, we can deliver a finished product that will get results.

We offer reduced rates on advertising products purchased as part of a Corporate Branding Package.

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