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Why can't I find my website on Google?

There are so many factors to consider when it comes to search engine page rankings that it's difficult to say with looking at your website content, your Internet Marketing plan and your SEO strategy. A couple of things to keep in mind: It takes time for new websites to move up the ranks on the search engine pages; If you are using Flash animation, it will be more difficult for the search engines to crawl your pages and index your site; You could be in a highly competitive market that requires a more aggressive Internet Marketing plan; You may have stumbled into some black hat or negative SEO practices, which can result in your website being penalized or even blacklisted by Google; or Your site could be loading slowly, which the search engines don't like. Contact INM for a Free Website Evaluation and we can discuss ways to improve your website ranking.

Why should I hire you to build my website? Can't I just use an online template and do it myself?

Of course you can! There are countless sources of Do It Yourself and Template websites online, but remember, when it comes to website design You get what you pay for! When you hire INM to build your website, you get a unique design, created by a team of professionals who are experts in web development, Internet Marketing, SEO, graphic design, copy writing and programming. At INM we offer hosting services and maintenance packages to every client - no guarantee of that with a DIY or Template site! Contact INM to learn more about the benefits of professional vs. template web design.

I don't have the time to maintain my website anymore. Can you guys take over?

We have maintenance packages available for you to consider. Contact INM to discuss your options.

Can you teach me to edit and maintain my own website?

When we design a website, SiteBuilder Tools training is included as part of your package. If you have had your training but feel you need more help, please contact INM for further assistance. You can also logon to access the SiteBuilder Tools Help Menu and see if that answers your questions.

I have more than enough customers to keep me busy now. Why do I need a website to bring in more customers?

First of all, there are very few businesses that couldn't use more customers. If that's where you are, congratulations! Even so, having enough customers today is no guarantee they will all come back tomorrow. Change is inevitable - people move, they change buying habits, they get richer or lose all their money, they die. It's important that your business is set up both to serve your existing customers and to welcome new ones. With proper design and SEO, your website can be a valuable part of your Internet Marketing strategy and help your business continue to attract new customers.

What is included in the basic small business website package?

The Small Business package includes six web pages - sitemap, home, contact and three more of your choosing. It also includes professional graphic design, 250 words of text and one photo or graphic per page, our custom site builder tools, stat counter to track visitors and a secure log-in area for administrators. Contact INM to arrange a free consultation where we'll talk about what you want out of your website and provide a cost estimate.

What is SEO?

SEO - Search Engine Optimization - is simply the process of making your website attractive to the search engines. The better your site is 'optimized' the higher it will rank on the search engine pages. If the goal is to draw visitors to your website, a higher search engine ranking helps ensure that web surfers will be able to find your website when they type their search terms into the query bar in Google or Bing.

How will I know if the basic package is enough for my business?

When you come in for your free consultation, we'll talk about your website and Internet Marketing goals to determine the appropriate number of pages, as well as any extras you might need, such a photo gallery or blog.

How long before my website appears on the search engine pages?

INM will seed the search engines and, at a minimum, do basic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for all of our websites. This is usually enough to get a website listed on the search engines within a few weeks, though the site may only appear on the back pages of results at first. Moving to page 1 or 2 can take several months, even with good content and SEO techniques. It's important to keep your content updated and fresh, even while waiting for your site rank to improve. With good content and SEO, smaller, specialized local businesses could move up the ranks quickly. Businesses in tougher markets, with more competition, might require a more aggressive SEO plan and a professional Internet Marketing strategy.


Can a website do anything besides providing people with my contact information?

The purpose of a business website is to attract visitors and convert them into paying customers. It is also to provide helpful information - like address and phone number - to new and existing customers. However, you can use your website for so much more: display photos of products and services; set up an online store; collect resumes from potential employees; set up a database to keep track of registration or employee shifts; or install an interactive appointment calendar. Contact INM to learn more about all the ways your website can work for your business.

My website will be pretty complicated. Will your website packages work for me?

Our packages and pricing list are designed to be flexible and customizable to meet the needs of any client. You can start with either our Small Business Package or Premium Business Package and then choose add ons such as extra pages, photo galleries, lead captures, blogs, databases, e-commerce solutions, members-only areas and more. Contact INM for more information.

How will I know if anyone is visiting my website?

INM can set you up with analytics that provide information about visitors, how long they stay on your site and other statistics. Contact INM to discuss your options.

Do you outsource to workers in other countries?

No, we feel that doing so might undermine the security and confidentiality of our business, our employees and our customers. We prefer to hire local.

Will you help me maintain my website after it's built? And in the years to come?

We have website maintenance packages available. Contact INM to discuss your options.


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