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These days, Internet Marketing goes well beyond ensuring your website ranks well on the search engine results pages. It`s about taking advantage of social media, blogs and the growing popularity of mobile devices to sell your business to the thousands of potential customers who want or need the products and services you are selling.

Internet Marketing is also about getting the most out of your advertising budget using a variety of online, pay per click and print advertising products.

Facebook’s new Timeline format caused a lot of controversy but it’s actually great for business pages, with its larger images and streamlined newsfeed. Plus, you can create different apps to encourage people to interact with your Facebook page and click over to your business website. INM will set you up with a great-looking profile page, including cover photo and welcome page content, and help you set up whatever apps you need. We are committed to keeping up to date with the latest social media trends and can also help you establish a presence on other social networks, like Google+, Pinterest, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

Count on Industrial NetMedia to help you navigate this overwhelming ‘web’ of information and options.

INM recently introduced INM Media Syndication, which takes blogs written by our clients and publishes them to a variety of print and online sources. Blogging is a great way to establish yourself as an expert in your field, promote your business to hundreds of new people and even help your website rank better on the search engines.

Did you know, statistics show that on average it takes a person less than three seconds to decide if they are going to stay with a website once they have clicked over to it? At INM, our experts will create for you a business website to grab the attention of every visitor, with unique page designs, eye-catching graphics and compelling content, as well as lead captures to help convert visitors into customers.

The bottom line of Internet Marketing is to use your website, social media, SEO and other online resources to improve the bottom line of your business.

Internet Marketing services include Internet Marketing Plans, SEO Copywriting and Keyword Research, Title Tags and Metatag Descriptions, Search Engine Submission, Social Media Campaigns, Pay-per-click Advertising and Link Building Campaigns.


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