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Get the job done with News Director, ShiftShaper, SafetySpot, HR Director, eWebCare, RV Director, EduSpot and Bizoogle. Each of these unique, innovative products has been developed in-house by the team at Industrial NetMedia.

Ad Director - Generate Income Directly from Your Website

Ad director is an ad management system for your business website. It's a great opportunity for you to earn some money from your website and improve your position on the search engine.
It's also a chance for your existing clients and website visitors to promote their products and services to a brand new audience of potential customers. Ads are linked directly to the adverstiser's website and they rotate regularly to keep your website dynamic and fresh.
Plus, when you buy Ad Director, you can opt into INM's network of websites and tap into an even greater source of income and opportunity.
  • New source of revenue from your website
  • Generate reports
  • Easy browse and upload feature
  • Manage multiple ads
  • Advertise your own business on the INM network
  • Improve your position on Google

News Director - From Print to Website to Digital Edition

Newspapers and other print publications are losing ground as the ‘Twitter generation’ relies more and more on their computers, tablets and other mobile devices for news and information. Beyond posting their content on websites, these publications are looking for new and innovative ways to connect with their readers.

Meet your new News Director!

Get ahead of the curve with News Director from Industrial NetMedia, which integrates the Calibre Library System right into your website. Calibre turns your newspaper, blog or magazine into an e-pub doc that can be delivered directly into the hands of your readers on their Kindle, Kobo, tablet or any e-reader. Your e-pub doc can be configured to include photos, ads which is presented in a book format. Add links to top stories and sections, photo galleries and extra content. Interested readers subscribe to the service, creating a potential new revenue stream for your company and increasing your overall readership.

  • Searchable articles
  • Top stories displayed on home page with photo
  • Articles and posts organized into categories
  • Integrated Calibre Library System
  • Comment feature on articles and posts
  • Creates ePub document from news feed and delivers it to eReaders and other devices

HR Director - Managing your Work Crew has never been easier!

Is your human resources management system slow and difficult to work with?

INM’s HR Director is the solution! Manage your work crews, process employee data, track job sites, personnel requests, training requirements and skill levels. You’ll appreciate the comprehensive search functions, with several levels of filtering. HR Director expands as your company grows to accommodate any number of employees and crews.

Access HR Director anywhere you have Internet access, in multiple locations. Assign administrators and security levels. HR Director works for almost any type of business, whether your company is in the oil and gas industry, construction, health care, manufacturing or creative development.

  • Website Integration
  • Employee profiles with Notation
  • Lead Applicant Capture and Process
  • Assign Training and Track Qualifications
  • Can be Managed remotely Online
  • Maintain Job Sites and Crew Details
  • Process Personnel Requests
  • Search and Reporting

SafetySpot - Online Training and Orientation

SafetySpot creates online health and safety training programs for employees in any industry. Your employees need to know how to stay safe while performing their work tasks. You need to provide a safe work environment and avoid the cost and risk associated with lost time injuries. SafetySpot can custom design courses specific to your industry, your business, your job sites and your employees, using information, pictures and videos that you provide. Standard courses are also available, including WHMIS, BSAT and TDG. Every course comes complete with exercises and exams. Courses are available online so your employees can access them 24/7 from work, from home or while on the road – anywhere they have Internet access.

The database allows you to assign specific courses and modules to individual employees, track their progress, view exam marks and print certificates and records. Safetyspot specializes in programs for companies in the oil and gas industry but can cater to your business no matter what sector it’s in: food services, hospitality, facility management, security, telecommunications, health care, retail, vehicle sales and service and others.

SafetySpot employs current standards for e-learning content.

  • Fully Customized CBT
  • Save Time
  • Centralized Reporting
  • Convenient
  • Easy to Update
  • Reference Materials
  • Lower Costs

EduSpot - In-house Training has never been easier!

When your employees need training and orientation courses, EduSpot delivers management, supervisory or new employee orientation, customer service, sales and safety training.

EduSpot uses your information, pictures, graphics and videos to develop a custom online training program that teaches your employees exactly what they need to know to work safely and efficiently in the office at the store or on the job site. Courses are available online 24/7 so your employees can take their training anywhere – at work, at home or while on the road, anywhere they have access to the Internet.

EduSpot also offers standard courses, including WHMIS, TDG and BSAT.

With EduSpot, you can assign courses and modules to individual employees, track their progress and exam marks and print certificates.

Contact Industrial NetMedia to learn how EduSpot can develop a specialized training program for your company or to view the catalogue of available courses.

  • Fully Customized CBT
  • Easy to Update
  • Centralized Reporting
  • Lower Costs
  • Save Time
  • Convenient
  • Reference Materials

eWebCare SiteBuilder Tools - Stress-free website maintenance!

With SiteBuilder Tools, if you can use a word processor, you can be a webmaster!

SiteBuilder Tools is INM’s powerful, user friendly Content Management System, created for those who are not familiar with computer programming! You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to edit text, create links, add pictures, videos and tables and manage your website pages.

Advanced SBT features include adding users, assigning roles and security levels, managing blogs, calendars and e-mails and tracking analytics. SBT training is included in the cost of your website and an easy to understand Help file is located right on the administration dashboard, just in case you need further assistance.

  • Maintain your website remotely.
  • Easy "Word Processor like" menu system
  • Add pages and Content like a pro.
  • Maintain your BLOG
  • Supports, video, images, tables and text formatting
  • Social media add-on with a click of a button
  • Add users and assign roles with security

RV Director - Track RV Rentals and Inventory

Managing a fleet of RVs is a huge task. But with RV Director, you can effortlessly keep track of the bookings, billing and maintenance schedules for all your units, no matter how big your fleet or how many sizes and styles of rentals are in your database.

RV Director puts client information at your fingertips, with a secure, searchable database of contact and billing information.

RV Director includes a calendar system that shows when your units are available, when they are booked on a trip and when they are booked out for maintenance or service.

Most importantly, RV Director puts you in charge of your inventory, your client list and your booking calendar.

  • Online booking system
  • Track rentals
  • Organize and track inventory
  • Track maintenance schedules
  • Client tracking system
  • Create printable reports
  • Customers can book units online
  • Customers can reserve units for a future rental
  • Customers can request a quote online

RV Director can be adapted to any equipment rental or fleet management business.

ShiftShaper - Team Shift Scheduling with Union Compliance

How can you keep your shifts fully staffed, manage employee schedules and comply with union rules? ShiftShaper is the solution for the production manager who spends too much time dealing with employee scheduling conflicts, time off requests and rescue scheduling.

ShiftShaper helps prevent over staffing, reduces overtime hours and creates a union-compliant list of on-call employees to fill in for vacation and sick days.

With ShiftShaper you can potentially save thousands in labour costs every year!

  • Employee Scheduling
  • Schedule Management with ease
  • Rescue Scheduling
  • Comforms to Union Rules

    Bizoogle - Social Networking for Businesses - with a twist!

    (In Development) Does your members’ directory offer more than basic information? Are the listings clickable and searchable? Would your members find value in having their local directory connected to innovative marketing tools and a national database of businesses? BIZOOGLE is a brand new tool that combines the best of search engines, marketing tools and business networks. Individual businesses can fill out their listings with product information, special offers, contact information, links and mapping. BIZOOGLE is the new standard in online marketing. It’s designed to take chambers of commerce and other business associations to the next level by improving their member directories and making it easier for customers to find those businesses online. BIZOOGLE is THE social network for businesses!

    • Social media for Business
    • Integrate in existing websites
    • Provide details profiles
    • Perfect for Chambers of Commerce
    • Perfect for Municipalities
    • Perfect for any business associations!

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