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When things go wrong, as they sometimes will, Industrial NetMedia can provide technical support, practical advice and expert answers.

Please check below for common computer issues and possible solutions. If you don’t find the answers you need here, read through the frequently asked questions or browse the other articles and information available on the rest of our website, use the contact form to provide details of whatever issues you are having or call or drop by the INM offices.

Where is the link to my website editor?

The exact location of this link can vary, but it is generally located at the very bottom of your web page, either to the far right or the far left. You will usually see three buttons or words: admin | refresh | webmail.
Admin takes you to the back end of your site where you can log in and then perform various tasks, like adding and deleting users, editing your site map and checking for messages from visitors. Once you have logged in, the word edit will appear in your list of options.
Navigate to the page where you want to make changes and click Edit to bring up the editing page. Refresh clears the cache and reloads the page. Webmail is where you can log in to your mail server.

Why do my e-mails keep bouncing back?

There are many potential reasons why an e-mail might be deemed ‘undeliverable’. The most common are:

1. The e-mail address is wrong
If you send an e-mail and it returns with a message like “user unknown” “no such user” or “no mailbox exists for that user”, chances are you have made a mistake in typing the e-mail address. Check carefully and watch for those pesky dots, dashes and underscores that are often missed or misplaced.
If the return message states: “Could not resolve DNS” it means the domain part of the e-mail address is wrong. In other words, if the e-mail address is, the company part is wrong.

I forget how to use the website editor. Can I get more training?

We would be happy to train you on our easy-to-use SiteBuilder Tools.
In the meantime, if you can still log into the back end of your website, there is a Help page that has step by step instructions for many of the common editing tasks you likely want to perform.
If you need more assistance than this Help page provides, please contact INM to arrange a tutorial.
2. The recipient’s mailbox is full
If your e-mail comes back with a message like “the user is over quota” or “mailbox is full” the recipient has received the maximum amount of messages allowed and needs to go through his in-box. This often happens when someone is on vacation and unable to check their e-mail for several days or weeks.
To avoid having this happen to your customers and colleagues, have your mail automatically forwarded to someone else or set it up so you can check your e-mail remotely when you are away from your office for an extended period.
If you need help, contact INM and we’ll walk you through the process.

How do I edit my web pages?

Click Admin to log in and then go back to the website. Find the page that needs to be edited and click the Edit button to bring up the editing page.
Once there, it's similar to working in any word processor. You can add and delete text, add pictures and tables, link to other pages and change the look, size and colour of the text.
For more detailed instructions, logon to access our SiteBuilder Tools Help Menu. If you are new to web page editing, you want to contact INM to set up a training session.
3. There is an issue with the server
If the bounce back message reads “Cannot connect to remote host” it means the server is not responding or is not available for some reason.
It’s basically equivalent to a busy signal on a telephone. Like a busy signal, it could just mean that the server is busy trying to deal with several requests all at once or it could mean that there is an underlying problem preventing the server from responding.
Try to send your message again in a few minutes and if the problem persists, you may have to contact the recipient in some other way to let them know there is a problem with their server.

What are the e-mail server settings and can I change them?

Incoming server: or
Outgoing server: or
POP3 port: 110 or 111
SMTP port: 25, 2525 or 587
Secure SMTP: 465 (not usually needed)
IMAP port: 143
Secure IMAP port: 993 (not usually needed)
User name is your e-mail address.
Outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication, use same settings as incoming server.
Encryption: None
Leave a copy of the message on the server for 1 day if you are also using a cell phone or device to get e-mail as well.
Contact INM for more information about e-mail server settings.
4. Your e-mail address is not on the recipient’s safe list
If your e-mail bounces back with a message that says “No greeting from remote host” it probably means that the recipient’s e-mail host didn’t recognize your e-mail address and therefore wouldn’t accept the message.
This happens when people have set up strict security on their e-mail server to prevent spam and other unwanted e-mails from getting through. You can resolve this by calling the recipient and requesting to be added to their list of safe or ‘white listed’ senders.
If you hear from the intended recipient that they ‘just didn’t get that e-mail’ you know you sent, have them check their junk mail folder. Your messages may have been accidentally tagged as spam.
All the recipient has to do is right click on the message in the junk folder and select ‘add to safe senders list’ to resolve the problem.

How do I retrieve my password?

When a website goes live and is handed over to the business owner or website administrator, that person will be provided with a username and password that allows them access to the administrative side of the website, mainly so they can edit the site.
If you have misplaced the password or if it needs to be changed for whatever reason, please contact INM for assistance.

How do I add a new user or administrator to my website?

Logon to the back end of your website. Click Users, then Add New User and follow the steps.
For more detailed instructions, there is a SiteBuilder Tools Help Menu with information on a number of topics.

How do I direct messages from my website to a new e-mail address?

The messages generated by the form on your contact page will be forwarded to a designated e-mail address so client inquiries can be dealt with in a timely manner.
From time to time, you may need to make changes to those e-mail addresses. For more detailed instructions, logon to access our SiteBuilder Tools and browse the Help Menu.

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