WIIFM? (What's in it for me?)

The main question consumers want answered

"You can have the best product or service in the world, but if people don't buy - it's worthless. So in reality it doesn't matter how wonderful your new product or service is. The real question is - will they buy it?" - Noel Peebles

As a business owner, you likely spend a lot of time thinking about the financial health of your company. Can you cover your costs? Will you make any kind of profit this month? Is there room in the budget for a much-needed capital investment?

What you need to realize is, your customers don’t think about those things. Nor should they be concerned about your bottom line or the future of your business. In fact, when businesses fail, the first thing most consumers want to know is if they can score some of the merchandise or equipment at rock bottom prices.

A consumer is defined as one who consumes or one who acquires goods and services for his own personal needs. By their very nature, consumers are selfish beings, focused on their own immediate needs and wants. In other words, the main question on the mind of a consumer when considering any kind of purchase is: “What’s in it for me?
“If I plunk down a portion of my hard-earned money, what will I get in return?”

It’s your job to convince the consumer that he will get better products, service and value by doing business with you than he will anywhere else.

So how does any of this apply to your business website?

Mike Kuefler from Industrial NetMedia, a website marketing and SEO company in Leduc, says a website visitor will decide in about three seconds whether the website he is looking at will give him what he needs. If the home page is confusing or unattractive, if he can’t easily find what he’s looking for, if the site looks old or contains obviously outdated information or if the links just seem to go in circles, that visitor will be gone and he won’t likely be back.

In addition, by leaving your site so quickly he has told the search engines your site is not relevant. Google keeps track of those ‘bounces’ and counts them against your website. Too many bounces can result in a reduced ranking on the search engine pages.

Look at your website from the perspective of a customer.
• Is it easy to navigate? Do all the links work? Are the buttons and links highly visible? Do the links help your visitor find what he is looking for?
• Is the most important information easy to find? Are the menu items clearly labelled? Is your phone number or other contact information prominently displayed? Is all the information on your website current – especially on the home page?
• Does your home page information tell your visitors exactly what you are selling and why they should buy it from you? Is your home page content compelling, persuasive, readable and interesting?

If you want your website to do its job – which is to draw visitors and convert them into paying customers – you need to stop thinking like a business owner and start looking at your website from the perspective of an impatient consumer whose main concern is WIIFM?

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