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SiteBuilder Tools

Do you know how to edit your website? INM’s custom SiteBuilder Tools is one of the most user-friendly website editing tools in existence. We ought to know ’cause that’s how we designed it! Keeping your website fresh and up to date is vital, but often neglected because website administrators are sometimes intimidated or afraid to mess up the code on their website. Some websites editors are simply too complicated for the average website administrator to master.

SiteBuilder Tools, on the other hand, is as easy to use as any word processor. SiteBuilder Tools training is included when you have INM build your new website. During training, we show you how to use the web page editor, add and delete pages from the website menu, insert pictures, videos and links – we even tell you what to do if you make a mistake!

Do you know how to get help?

We recently installed a comprehensive SiteBuilder Tools Help menu on all of our websites. Here you’ll find step by step instructions for completing almost any editing task on your website. Of course, you can still call INM for extra assistance if you get stuck. We’re always glad to help. In fact, if you have new people in your office who aren’t familiar with SiteBuilder Tools, call INM today to book a training session – 780-739-5850.

Trends in Technology

How does your website look on a tablet or cell phone? Responsive vs. Mobile Design is the latest topic of discussion among bloggers. It references the growing number of people who access the Internet exclusively through their mobile devices, which of course, have smaller screens than laptops or desktop computers. Websites built for laptops and desktops, with lots of text and pictures and complicated coding, don’t function nearly as well on smaller devices. The main point of discussion centres on whether it’s better to go with a dedicated mobile website – which will probably require you to have two websites – or with a responsive web design that adapts itself according to the screen size on the device you are using.

INM is taking the lead on this issue by building responsive formatting into all of our websites so our clients can be confident their websites will look good and function well no matter what device they are viewed on.

This topic is explored more fully in a recent INM blog post – (blog url coming Thursday)

Insider Tip of the Month

If you find it daunting to keep up with all of your business’s social media sites, save some time by setting up Cross Posting. This means you can have your Facebook updates posted to Twitter and your tweets automatically posted to your Facebook page. Two posts for the price of one? Sounds like a great deal!

In Facebook, go to the admin panel, choose Edit Page then Update Info and Resources. Under the heading Connect with People find Link Your Page to Twitter.

In Twitter, find the head icon in the upper right corner, click the arrow and choose Settings, then Profile. Find Facebook and follow the directions.

Of course, if you are an avid updater and understand how to use Twitter, you should keep them separate and make unique posts to each. This will make higher quality Tweets.

Recently Launched Websites

We love to brag about your new great-looking websites! Check out some of our favourites from the past few months:

Alberta Heater Sales & Service

Alberta Mobile Power Service

Cast Perfect Products Inc.

Wilhauk Beef Jerky

Fort McMurray Victim Services

Leduc West Antique Society

Products under development

Rig Management System. We are currently working on a Rig Management System that can be fully integrated with your website. This system will accept online employee applications and can integrate with employee tracking systems, training courses, rig assignments and rig profiles. Accessible remotely with a fluid, easy to use design, INM's Rig Management System can become an industry standard.

In our next issue …

Have you heard about Bizoogle?

Bizoogle is a free business directory and search engine currently under development right here in Leduc! Learn more in the next edition of The INM Insider, coming in January 2013.

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