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Our offices are in Leduc, Alberta, but our clients are located everywhere: Edmonton, Nisku, Beaumont, Devon, Wetaskiwin, Camrose, Red Deer, Calgary, Fort McMurray, Grande Prairie, Peace River, Drayton Valley and anywhere with access to the Internet. We live in a global community. Our development procedures allow us to work with you anywhere in the world.

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INM will build a premium website for your business, with cutting edge page designs, eye-catching graphics and clever copy – but we don’t stop there! A great-looking website does your business no good if you are the only one who ever sees it! INM has mastered Search Engine Optimization (SEO), which simply means creating a website that appeals to search engines, so it ranks higher on the search engine results pages, and to the humans who visit your site looking for the particular products and services you are offering. Newspapers and other print publications are losing ground quickly as the ‘Twitter generation’ relies more and more on their computers, tablets and other mobile devices for news and information. Get ahead of the curve with News Director from INM. Take your publication from print to website to an e-Pub doc that can be delivered as a book directly to your customers' e-Readers and other devices. Read more about News Director and other innovative business products from INM. When it comes to tracking ad results, traditional media has nothing on the Internet. Think about the last time you advertised in the newspaper or on the radio or TV. Did the ad generate a lot of response? How could you even tell? Internet Marketing is the most cost-effective and accountable advertising medium available, with pay per click ads, stats counters and several ways to get direct feedback from those who visit your website or read your online ads. Let INM help you develop a winning Internet Marketing plan.


Introducing News Director

Turn your newspaper, blog or magazine into a dynamic, interactive publisher's website!


Premium Websites for Less

Industrial NetMedia is located in Leduc, Alberta and serves the capital region, central Alberta and the entire province with professional website designs. Because we are located in Leduc, our costs are lower, so we can build better websites for less.

Industrial NetMedia's services include responsive web design, customized innovative online apps for business, search engine optimization and Internet marketing. We will build you an amazing looking website and then use our expertise, along with various proven techniques and strategies, to help your site rank higher on the search engines, drive traffic to your website and turn those visitors into customers.

We also design logos and create beautiful flyers, brochures, business cards and other print advertising materials. Our web design clients include large corporations, home-based businesses, small companies and online stores.

Website Rescue and Redesign

Already have a website but not sure it's performing as well as it should? Is your website too plain, too complicated, too confusing or just too outdated? Or perhaps your website doesn't work well on mobile devices? INM specializes in website rescue and redesign. Let us take your old, tired, ugly or poorly-designed website and bring it back to life.

Did you know that more than half of your customers should come from the Internet? Google and the other search engines have replaced print directories as the preferred source for business information. If you don't have a website, if your site isn't mobile-friendly or if it isn't ranking well on the search engines, it might as well not exist for the thousands of people looking online for your products and services. Let INM custom build your Internet Marketing Plan and help you reach your website goals, using unique designs, professional copywriting, expert SEO and social networking strategies.

INM has mastered search engine optimization (SEO), which simply means creating content for your website that helps it rank well on the search engine results pages. SEO is more than just the words you use, it's the design, the layout, the photos and everything else, all working together to make your site attractive to the search engines and to the humans who visit your site.

The experts at INM can turn an ordinary website into a powerful marketing tool that will increase your customer base and help grow your business.
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INM now offers Information and Communications Technology Financing on all of our products and services.

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