Are you bored by your website?

Website Rescue and Redesign

Stale colours, tired designs, outdated information, bad photos and you can never seem to find what you’re looking for.

If you find your own website boring, confusing or frustrating, imagine how your visitors feel!

Could be that’s why the calls have dried up. You know, the ones from people saying they found you through your website.

Don’t give up on your website! Let the experts at INM jumpstart your old website and get it working for you again!

We’ll start with a redesign of the home page layout, change the colour scheme, add in some sparkling new graphics, give the whole thing a fresh new look. INM can install social media links and lead captures to get the traffic flowing to your site again, set up a blog system so you can easily keep visitors and clients informed about anything new going on, and link your facebook or twitter feed right to your home page.

To really drive in the traffic, INM will do a search engine optimization (SEO) overhaul on your entire site. We’ll update the content, make sure the information is all current, and research the best keywords and phrases, the ones people actually use when looking for the products and services you are trying to sell. INM’s experts know how to use those keywords and phrases, strategically embedding them in the content of your website, to improve your site’s ranking on the search engines.

We’ll make sure your web page titles and descriptions are compelling. Titles and descriptions are what appear on the page after you type your search term into Google or Yahoo. They are your only chance to convince an Internet surfer to visit your website, so they have to be good! Remember: a high ranking on the search engines isn’t enough if your titles and descriptions don’t turn surfers into visitors.

But what if my website was built by another company?

Well, that’s where the rescue part comes in. INM can move your site over to our servers, rework the layout and content and basically bring it back to life. You can even keep your old domain name – or we’ll set you up with a new one if that works better for you.

For more information on Website Rescue and Redesign – and to find out how we can bring your old website back to life – call 780-739-5850 or use the contact form below to set up your free consultation with Industrial NetMedia.

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