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A copywriter uses words to persuade people to take certain actions. A website copywriter has the added task of strategically embedding certain keywords and phrases into the content of a website to attract the attention of the major search engines.

"Google' it

Think back to the last time you turned to the Internet in an attempt to find some information. Maybe you would say you 'Googled' it. Google is certainly not the only search engine, but it is arguably the most well known. Yahoo and Bing are the other big ones that you've probably heard of and used.

Most of us use these search engines regularly, without giving much thought to how they actually work. The search engines, like Google, have devised a system that scans websites and uses a set of complicated algorithms to determine how those websites will rank on the search engine results page when certain key word phrases are typed in by the Internet surfer. The point being to give the searcher results that match as closely as possible to what he is looking for.

If you were searching for a mechanic to fix your car, for example, you wouldn't want the search engine to show you car washes, gas stations or movies with the word car in the title. You would want a list of mechanics and car repair shops, preferably in your local area, to get your car fixed as quickly and affordably as possible. That's what the search engines do, they filter the results to weed out the millions of websites that don't contain the information you are looking for and narrow your field of choices.

What's the word?

If you live in Leduc and are looking for someone to help treat your bad back, what would you type into the search bar? leduc chiropractor; chiropractic services edmonton, massage therapy leduc, leduc physical therapist ... as you can see, there are dozens of possibilities. INM seeks out the best keyword  phrases and works them into the content to bring your website closer to the top of the search engine rankings. This is known as Search Engine Optimization. The better the SEO, the higher the website will rank on the search engines.

Search Engine Optimization has been undergoing some major changes over the past couple of years. In the past, it might have been enough to simply stuff your website content with lots of strong key words to gain a good search engine ranking, not really considering how the content would sound to the actual humans you were hoping would find your website.

SEO in 2013 is more about writing content that appeals to those humans, rather than the search engines. In fact, search engines employ much smarter technology and algorithms today. This means you can write strong content, use keyword phrases naturally (rather than stuffing them in every which way) and still rank well because search engines are much better at determining context and relevance than they were even a couple of years ago.

If you think your website needs an SEO overhaul, let the experts at INM perform a free website evaluation. Along with search engine optimization, we'll assess your website design, content and graphics and make recommedations.

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