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Social networks draw web traffic

You keep in touch with your friends on facebook, you’re a regular ‘tweeter’, you read and comment on several different blogs, but it’s all just for fun, right?

Did you know you can use social media to help grow your business as part of your Internet Marketing Plan?

In fact, if your business isn’t part of the ‘social network’, you could be missing out on connecting with hundreds of potential clients.

Consider the following statistics, posted by the social networks.

Facebook Facts

As of October 2013, Facebook boasts 1.26 billion users and 1.19 billion active users every month. About 76% of them log on daily.

The average facebook user has 130 friends.

66% of millennials (15 to 34 year olds) are Facebook users.

The average number of weekly local business page views is 645 million.

The average number of weekly comments on local business pages is 13 million.

Facebook stats say Canada is the country with the most active users.

Twitter Trends

Twitter now claims 'about a billion' users, as of September 2013.

29% of millennials say Twitter is their favourite social network.

It is estimated that 55% of Twitter's ad revenue in 2013 will be from mobile.

85% of B2B Marketers use Twitter.

Tweets that ask users to 'retweet' receive 12X higher retweet rates than those that don't. Yet only 1% of brands implement this strategy.


The power and value of blogging may still be underestimated by many, but the simple fact is, blogs are one of the most effective inbound marketing tools for your business. Each blog article you write is a distinct web page, linked to your main website, and capable of being indexed by the search engines. Since search engines love fresh content, blogging regularly is a great way to get their attention.

Blogs can be linked to your social networks for easy sharing, thus creating direct links back to your website.

43% of marketers generated a customer via their blog this year, though the blog requires roughly 9% of marketers’ total full-time staff dedications and just 7% of their total budget. This means that marketers spend 55% more time than budget
on blogging. (Hubspot, 2013 State of Inbound Marketing Annual Report)

Seventy-nine percent of companies who have a blog report a positive ROI for inbound marketing this year, compared with just 20% of those companies that do not have a blog. In fact, 82% of marketers who blog on a daily basis acquired a customer using their blog, as opposed to 57% of marketers who just blog
monthly – still an impressive statistic! (Hubspot, 2013 State of Inbound Marketing Annual Report)

77% of Internet users read blogs. (Ignitespot infographic, The Blogconomy, August 2013)

23% of Internet time is spent on blogs and social networks. (Ignitespot infographic, The Blogconomy, August 2013)

Companies that blog have 97% more inbound leads. (Ignitespot infographic, The Blogconomy, August 2013)

61% of US consumers have made a purchase based on a blog post. (Ignitespot infographic, The Blogconomy, August 2013)

70% of consumers learn about a company through articles rather than ads. (Ignitespot infographic, The Blogconomy, August 2013)

What does all of this mean to you, a business owner looking for creative ways to draw traffic to your website, attract new customers to your business and improve your bottom line?

Industrial NetMedia can set you up with a custom facebook business page that reflects the style and design of your website. Once the page is set up, every person who ‘likes’ your business page puts you in direct contact with all of their facebook friends, who will see your updates and blog links in their news feed.

Your facebook, twitter and blog accounts can be linked so every tweet, comment or facebook update you make appears on your other social networks, as well.

How do you attract ‘likes’?

They say you can’t make people like you and that’s probably true.

However, you can offer them a compelling incentive to ‘like’ your facebook business page, knowing that every ‘like’ exposes your business to an average of 130 potential customers.

The best way to attract 'likes' and followers is to consistently post valuable content and compelling images that people will want to share.

Industrial NetMedia can set you up with a customized facebook business page, a twitter account, a blog or whatever social network you prefer.

Call 780-739-5850 today or use our online contact form to talk to our experts about your social media campaign.

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